Monday, January 23, 2017

Wild weather here in Palm Springs blog #421

I can't get much hiking or walking in because of the weather, so I'll go out and look for rain damage just to get out of the motorhome.

This has been a very common sight the past week or so here in the desert. Normally I would not go past the signs, but in this case when I entered, it only said "flooded"...while I was in the canyon someone posted the closed road sign.

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of waterfalls flowing down the cliffs.

For a desert, things are greening up nicely.

The rain is cutting into the road, even on this small wash.

This wash was easy to ford, the next one...not so much.

Normally this is just a trickle running across the road...not so today. There were at least three waterfalls in the background.

It may not look like it, the only road to Whitewater nature area is under this water.

This water is on the opposite side of the valley and is runoff from the San Jacinto mountains, whereas the WhiteWater River flows from San Gorgonio Mountains. They both meet up and head for the center of Palm Springs.

These two washes have the effect of closing many roads in the valley.

This is a major link to Palm Springs, Indian Canyon Rd. Along with this one, there is Gene Autry, Vista Chino, Araby Drive, Golf Club Dr, Cathedral Canyon, Frank Sinatra and Dune Palms to name a few.

On the way home I thought I'd go visit the canyon I walk to and though from the RV park. I saw a couple heads and two big 4X4 trucks nearby. Everyone was looking and talking about how to get the late model Infinity (I believe) out of the wash.
Mind you...there is not a paved road for a mile. What kind of special drunk do you have to be to think you sports car can drive through washes?

They were pleasant kids but I couldn't help to comment that that is the nicest looking "dune buggy" I'd every seen.
That's enough for now as my time at Starbucks is nearly over and the dogs bath at Petsmart should be done soon.

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