Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A hike up to the microwave towers above Desert Hot Springs. Blog 419

This was an aggressive hike for a Sunday morning, but it feels good to push physical boundaries at my age. 

The tower is directly below the red dot. 

First thing was to check the altitude at the park because that red dot looks like 2000 feet higher in elevation, to me.

 We ignored all the "no trespassing" signs. I know from my hike last year they allowed hiking...just stay away from the microwave tower. 
Sorry about the quality of some of the photos...there must of been a smear of suntan lotion on the phone.

Carla is quite the trooper, she just puts her head down and climbs up the very steep road, one foot at a time.

Just a few more feet to go...yeah!

 Made it! We definitely wanted to stay low and away from the microwave antenna. 

What I thought might be a 2000 foot rise in elevation turned out to be only a bit more than 1100 feet difference from the bottom to the top. It sure felt like a lot more though.

These three antenna are the nasty ones we were warned about. They emit a very strong microwave, much like a microwave oven, in a straight line across the valley. 

This 100 yard section of the dirt road is the only piece paved, because it is the steepest part of the road.

Carla escapes by the skin of her chinny, chin, chin!
We had such a great hike and the weather was perfect.

I so glad we had a beautiful Sunday because when I woke up yesterday this is what greeted me. I never even got my Fitbit step minimum in on Monday.

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