Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sacramento 2013

This week we moved to the California capital city of Sacramento. This is always a favorite stop for us but not because of it's plentiful RV parks...there are very few good places to stay in a city of this size, but for visiting family.

Can't say CalExpo RV Park is a "resort" RV park but it is well lit, clean and a safe place to stay for a month while Oregon and Washington warm up for us. You might look on the Internet and see many RV parks but they are mostly old trailer parks that are not equipped to handle big rigs. Our stay last year was for two weeks and for those two weeks we had rain, heavy least 10 of those days. This year, so far, the weather is beautiful.

The Jedediah Smith Memorial Bike Trail runs from the confluence of the American and Sacramento rivers to Folsom Lake, some 32 miles away and it is 50 feet from the rv park where we are staying.

Well groomed asphalt trails run on either side of the river at times with water views, wildlife and this seemingly "gold" drawbridge in downtown Sacramento.

I love that I have my own bench to take a break on...

Another Automobile museum to view? Yes of course...this one is in Sacramento and had quite a collection with different types of exhibits. 

This limo was A.P.Giannini (founder of Bank of America) who never got a drivers license. 

My brother's second Porsche looked exactly like this 912, I even had to look at the license plate to double check.

Custom made motorhome from the 1950's by a retired jet pilot...ja think?

Other than a Porsche, which I never got...this would be the second "wish" car on my short list of want to have's...1969 Boss 302.

Every auto museum should have a few Lambo's, Ferrari's. T-birds and Vets. 

Indy and NASCAR examples.

Slingshot dragsters with quarter midgets in the background.

This was quite a eclectic collection of Motown and European metal. Here a 1966 427 Shelby Cobra sits with it's stretched body to allow the 7.0 liter engine to fit and a 5 million plus price tag.

This looks very much like the cartoon George Jetson family sedan.

The car came to be only two years after the cartoon which leads me to believe it was designed from the TV series. 

!971 Mini Moki was meant to be Europeans answer to the military American Jeep but the small tires and low ground clearance doomed the vehicle. 

The 1958 Fiat Multipla is a familiar backdrop in many movies such as the Bond series or the Pink Panther movies.

Our next RV....!

Friday, March 15, 2013

SLO (San Luis Obispo) lifestyle

Every Thursday night in downtown San Luis Obispo they have a "real" farmers market. I say "real" because in Vegas our Henderson farmers market was fruit and veggies from Von's or Smiths because there is very little vegetable growing in Las Vegas.

There are a few organizations and trinket sellers but the majority are local vegetables and fruit farmers, food that local restaurants cook and flowers.

Some of the best looking and freshest veggies and largest lettuce heads (according to Donna) that we have run across.

Why it seems I own a toy store?

If you want to know which local restaurant to eat from, just look for the longest line?

The line for F McLintocks was long last year and still the winner of longest lines at the farmers market. F. McLintocks is a famous steak and rib house up on Hwy 1 near Pismo Beach.

Donna is very happy with her pulled pork sandwich.

Donna wasn't feeling good so that sure doesn't slow me down much. South of Avila a few miles was the "Luffa Farm" in Nipomo, California. I know nothing about luffa's so what the's free. I would never guessed the luffa's were from gourds.

Brandon explained that the gourd must dry on the vine for a luffa to be born. It is the inside skeleton of the plant.

The shape of the gourd is pretty much going to dictate the shape of the luffa. Some are softer than others which are used on the face, some are harsher that can be used in cleaning pots and pans or even chrome rims on your car.

Local fishermen from Pebble Beach filing up with diesel at our pier.

Local fishing buddy.

I would like to try this when the weather or water, is warmer.

I have intimate knowledge of the cost of pulling a boat out for repair or paint...
ha ha

After quite a bit of research I took the leap back into riding a bicycle as it's only been 20 years since my last outing.
My first 8 1/2 mile jaunt this afternoon on the hybrid Specialized Sirrus went off without a hitch...I'm sure much to the amazement of my siblings. While pricing bicycles I was floored that there were so many bikes in the 5K to 8K price range. I had to physically pick up one of the 7 thousand dollar bikes and it was so light, couldn't of weighed more than 10 or 12 pounds...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

San Luis Bay Harbor RV Site

Our move here from Ventura was uneventful and the weather seems to be cooperating  with us for the time being. 

           The El Camino Real (or Royal Road) is marked with these mission bells every few miles from north of L.A. to San Francisco on Highway 101. The original road connected the missions of California and Baja along with some presidios and pueblos.

There is fog in the morning but that's only because just a mile inland it is very warm. When that warmer air hits the cool Pacific waters it's like a curtain of fog has suddenly been sprung upon us. This is our view out the front windshield.

If you happened to live in a million dollar house inland and looking at the coast...this would be your view.

                      The sun is trying very hard to brighten up the day.

             Oh ya, the sun is winning this battle.

It doesn't take long in the afternoon for the fog to start creeping back down the hill to our base camp.

Took a walk on the Bob Jones Trail and thought the exposed roots of the coastal oak over this rock sediments was interesting...just me I suppose.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The California Beach February and March

We spent two weeks in the San Diego area but our beach time for me does not actually start until I can camp, on the beach, look at the beach or a harbor view. Thornhill was the "on the beach" and here at Rincon Parkway just north of Ventura is the "look at the beach". So far this is the most reasonable of the spots at $27 per night dry camping or as some RVers call it...boondocking. We sit sideways on the roadside about 20 feet above the sand and surf with a beautiful view of the Channel Islands. There is traffic on the road during daytime hours but quiet at night and despite being in "SoCal", nothing has disappeared so far...:-)

         Here are some random photos, of which not all need or have descriptions.

                            Weekends will fill the 90 or parking places easily.

        Even Missy enjoys a good beach campfire...and apparently a cocktail too?

Coastal Willets

                                                    Marbled Godwit

 When I look closely at the "gulls" eye, I see a Velociraptor from the Jurassic Park movie.


                                                         Hanging Ten.

                                                     Walking on two.

                     I did not know that surfers had "rules of the road"?

     If you're not on Social Security you might not recognize "Gidgets surf shack".

                                                             Up, up

and away.

This is called the "California Bounce"...trying not to let the cold Pacific water hit your chest...

Perch fishing is always a favorite pastime.

At first I questioned whether this is the original pier but upon an internet search it seem it just might be 141 years old...the wood planking that we walked on sure felt like it.

 A very common "alternative" lifestyle here in SoCal.

This steel and concrete embankment holding the Pacific waves away from Coast Highway 1 seems to be losing.

A beautiful sunset adds emthansnce to a woderful day