Sunday, October 30, 2011

 Still haven't quite got started on our retirement adventure. The walk through on our house is a
couple weeks away then off to Zion for our first "official" start of full timing in the motorhome.
December will find us in Moabi Reginal Park on the Colorado River...afterwards, who knows?
Donna and I are both looking forward to seeing just how far and how long we can full time.
Personally, I think it will be a breeze because we have tented, trailered, vanned, VW bused, and
 cab-overed all around the west without any problems. This 40 foot bus should be a piece of cake (famous last words, ha ha)
    Last week was 6 new tires and today we filled up the diesel tank, weighed the rig, had it
washed and now for the next few days I'll be giving our 2002 Monaco Windsor a good wax job.
See you soon on the road with Missy and Benji too...