Saturday, September 26, 2015

Happy 62nd sweetheart

(Well, unfortunately I don't even know how old my wife would of been today, it took the sharp eye of Cathy Orfe to bring this error to my attention, thank you Cathy) 

    Donna, today would of been your 63rd birthday and although you didn't quite make it, you did break your parents' record of living well past your 40's and early 50's which they passed away in, as was your goal. Personally, I wish you had set your limits a little higher, but that is just me being selfish.
   In my last letter I thought out loud that it was an accident, you faced me while passing... I don't think so now. You had two choices and you did exactly what I would of look at you one last time, god how I miss you!
   Well, back in 2008 when I faced the uncertainty of cancer, we had talked at great length about if one did not survive how the other should deal with life. We both felt very strongly that the survivor needed to continue to live a full life while always holding the love for the other, till death. I am doing just that babe, I am trying to throw myself out there without fear or tribulation in finding someone that I could share the rest of my life with. 
   Quite a bit has happened since our last letter. I continue to plant more shrubs along the fence line and am thinking about a small wooden fence for the back patio.

These two babies have been hanging around your mound and trees since I drove in last night. I have not seen the mother, but they look to be doing alright on their own.

    I also went to Europe with my brothers to scratch another line off my bucket list. Visited dad's home town and saw the house he was born in. I met an East German girl in Paris (not on my bucket list, but added so I could make a line through it) who explained the intricacies of the unification of Germany in the late '80's. Traveling with Jack and Joe was great, but while we all had different speeds, eating habits, sleep habits and interests, we still got along with the minimum of problems...which would have pleased you to no end knowing that I didn't implode.
    After Europe I visited with Nona for a few days, spent some time with a new friend in LA and then headed for Vegas.
The AC quit halfway to Las Vegas so that set me back a day...a day that I was planing on spending in Modesto.
   Kendra Moon is so beautiful and very advanced for her age. Lisa is doing well and Jason is still working so you would be very pleased. I did get to pick up Riley at school and we went out afterwards for an ice cream at Sonic. You know how much I hate Sonic after they screwed me on a chili cheese hot dog while riding the bike in South Dakota, but this was RiRI's pick. He settled on a snickers ice cream on a waffle cone that was to die for. I only got two licks of it and he is lucky I stopped there, which brings me to my weight!
   You never said anything, but I am sure you must of noticed the weight I put on in Seattle? 242 lbs was my all time high at your memorial.  The last time I put on nearly that much weight you helped me enormously by starting me on Weight Watchers and serving me the correct portions. This worked so well that within 3 months I was down to 203... Well, this time I am at a huge disadvantage... No Donna to help me!
   I thought I was screwed, but found that by limiting my portions and carbs, such as potatoes, pasta, bread and rice... while at the same time doing a lot of walking, I could beat this on my own. As of tonight I am again, for the third time in a week, at 201.8 lbs...I am so ready to break the 200 pound mark that I'm sure it will happen this week. Denny got me the Fitbit, which tracks your steps, and it's a curse because you are constantly trying to better your stats with it, but subconsciously it keeps me moving and in competition with other walkers. 
   You probably won't like it, but I think I'll just shut down all noise and get drunk on your birthday. 
    Soul mates?...some people have no fucking idea what a soul mate is...I think we did.

I'll love you forever...💘