Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Donna Margaruite Moon-Zwart

A best friend of Donna's wanted to talk to her after learning the doctors had thrown in the towel. She was still, at this point, on the maximum amount of oxygen that could be forced out of the hospital tubes. Every time she wanted to talk to me it was in short 30 second periods without the mask. I told Cathy about the problem with oxygen and we decided that she could call my phone and leave this message for Donna.
Donna was so, so brave the last few days, never complaining or crying...except after listening to Cathy's message, one small tear rolled down her cheek.

I think this is such a beautiful message and received Cathy's permission to publish it on the day of Donna's passing one year ago. March 15 2015 7:48 PM

Monday, March 14, 2016

Exactly 24 hours from this time.....

Exactly 24 hours from now, Donna will give me one more look, one more breath and one more shudder before passing on to the other side.

I never quite understood just how much love and respect there was, until it was gone. Donna would play golf, ride motorcycles, surf and hike...not because these were things she was interested in, it was because they were things I was interested in. No greater love, nor appreciation can ever overcome the want to be with someone.  

Thursday, March 10, 2016

A trip down memory lane.

I first saw Pismo Beach and Avila Bay with Donna in college, around 1976, some 40 years ago. In the ensuing years, we traveled back to the area many times, either the wine tasting or just hanging at the beach.

I remember The Splash Cafe like it was yesterday. Our first visit to the world famous "sourdough bowl" of clam chowder was outstanding. 15 years later it was still pretty good. Our last visit, three years ago, was a big disappointment.

The pier in Pismo Beach was one of Donna's favorite spots to sit and watch the ocean waves. One time in the 90's we rented a Lincoln Town Car and drove in style to Pismo for the weekend.

The Thursday night street market in San Luis Obispo was always our favorite. Donna and I could eat McLintocks beef ribs without the high "restaurant" prices.

Unfortunately, I have trouble passing a Birkenstock (Roxanne's) store without seeing if there are any sales.

Damn! They were on sale...I'm like the "Imelda Marcos" of Birkenstocks, this is my sixth "active" pair for the closet.

We always parked right here at the Harford Pier in Avila Bay.

We would back up to the hill with the bay view out our front window. Raccoons at night, are the biggest problem here.

The fog comes in, and the fog goes out. I probably put on, and took off my tee shirt, five times today.

Just a 100 yards from the RV spot is the beautiful green water.

Harford Pier near me has quite a population of sea lions.

My 9-mile walk this morning took me through the hills surrounding the bay, all with outstanding views.

What may look like "seed pods" on this tree, are actually hundreds, if not, thousands of blackbirds, sparrows, and finches?

To facilitate enjoying the views from the top of the hill...is this rare tree that grows chairs for personal use.

Of course, I did take full advantage of the fruit from this special tree and put it right back where I found it when done.

Plenty of California Poppies on the hills.

I came across a couple of Brown Turkey Vulture's sunning themselves in the early morning light. I consider the vultures as the "Prius" of birds...they are so efficient at flying without flapping for miles.

San Luis Obispo Creek is the last, and the most southern California watershed that still has a population of migratory steelhead.

I am enjoying my time and reliving the memories of this area...nearly a year has gone by since Donna left us, but the bits, pieces and clues to her time on earth are still very apparent to me.